About Us

Qualified Instructors


Our head instructor is a USCCA certified concealed carry instructor with two decades of experience and training in firearms and martial arts.  He has trained with military, SWAT, law enforcement and FBI instructors around Chicago.  He has also studied Defendu; the unarmed combat system of the British Commandos, and Krav Maga; the hand-to-hand combat sysem of the Israeli Defense Forces.  He has worked private security and now trains other responsible citizens in practical self defense , basic firearms safety and handling, concealed carry, and advanced handgun tactics

Our Philosophy


Martial arts are an excellent alternative for getting into shape and teaching discipline and focus.  However, most martial arts have evolved into sports and ways to relax and meditate.  Very few martial artists are able to translate their skills into a personal protection plan on the street.  It takes years of intensive training to become proficient enough to defeat a determined aggressor in a life or death scenario.  We, instead, focus on battle proven techniques developed by the world's preemminent military and law enforcement trainers.  To quote Colonel William Fairbairn of the British Green Beret "Get tough, get down in the gutter, win at all costs...I teach what is called 'Gutter Fighting'.  There's no fair play, no rules except one: kill or be killed"  We are here to ensure you possess the skills required to survive, period.   

A Brief History of Modern Self-Defense


No holds barred, hand to hand combat, as well as point shooting and combat accuracy were developed by the creators of the world's first SWAT teams-William Fairbairn and Eric Sykes.  These techniques were so successful in taming the most dangerous, gang controlled city on Earth, they were recruited to train the British Commandos at the request of Sir Winston Churchill.  These men, the first to wear the coveted Green Beret, were so feared for their deadly fighting skills, the newly created U.S. Army Rangers were sent to train at their Scotland training facilities.  Soon after these facilities were established, the two were sent to North America to train the OSS in close combat, knife techniques and handgun skills.   

  After World War II, in the British protectorate of Palastine, a martial artist and Resistance fighter by the name of Imi Litchenfield was recruited by the newly formed state of Israel to quickly train a fledgling military in personal defense.  He was tasked with training a force of old men, young girls, and untrained citizens of all physical types and conditions the skills of unarmed combat.  He needed a system that was brutally effective, instinctive-with very little memorization of physical moves, and extremely easy to master in very little time.  He named his "new" fighting system "Krav Maga", which translates from Hebrew as "close combat".  He determined that traditional martial arts systems were burdened by rules and ritual with little actual value in street fighting.  Like Messrs Fairbairn and Sykes before him, he developed a system of street fighting with no rules, only survival.  His system has been nurtured and further codified, but it retains its original vision of a devastating combat system with few ranks and zero competition.