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You train to protect yourself, your friends and family, but who protects you after the fact?  The truth is, after a self-defense encounter of any kind, the police will be alerted and when they arrive, you will be taken into custody for questioning.  Even if you have done everything right, this is the time to stay silent and let an attorney do the speaking for you.

USCCA isn't a traditional insurance company.  Many companies offer self-defense or firearms insurance.  USCCA has their own team of attorneys, trained and experienced in self-defense legalities, only a phone call away.  You do not pay for an attorney, or bail, up front.  One call gets the ball rolling.  

Some companies offer services only if you use your firearm in a self-defense situation.  USCCA covers you regardless of the tools used.  They are there for you and your family after you were there for them.  

Firearm Protection

USCCA not only defends and represents you after a self defense situation, they also help train you.

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Unarmed Self-Defense


USCCA is unique in offering protection regardless of how you protect yourself and your family.  Whether you use a firearm, a knife, or your bare hands, USCCA covers you.

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Comprehensive Plans


USCCA offers a self protection plan for every budget.  

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